Mazda RX-8

28 12 2009

This beauty made by Mazda is an elegant speed demon. 0-100km/h in 3.1 seconds. Brand new v 12 turbocharged Nano x 12 engine with 50 valves. Top speed at 329 km/h. This car won the 2009 sport sedan awards. “We designed this car for racing. It has one of the powers other cars dont’t have, A Nos for 1 minute boost!”, Minamoto Yoshimaru.

!!Volcano Warning!!

22 12 2009

The Mayon volcano in the Philippines is supposed to erupt in one week. The mini eruptions are getting louder and wilder. 12 000 soldiers have been rescuing 100 000 people in two days. They now live in shelters 6 km away from the volcano.